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Confectionery Russia Global Market Segmentation and Major Players Analysis 2022

Confectionery in Russia identifies the key demographic groups driving consumption, and what motivates their consumption, combined with an in-depth study of the market and category dynamics, to identify key opportunities, and how to target them. The report uses a unique method of quantifying consumer trends. It also highlights the degree that trends have on consumption and shows whether beliefs over what influences consumer behavior are accurate.

Key Findings
- Russian women have more Confectionery occasions than men both as a group and per capita
- Across all the age groups, the desire for quality peaks among Tweens & Early Teens
- The need for treating influences men’s Confectionery consumption more than women’s
- Consumers’ desire for quality motivates a quarter of the category consumption in Russia

What else does this report offer?
- Figures that showcase the number of times consumers of different age groups and gender consume Confectionery, as well as identifying whether these demographic groups "over" consume (i.e. they account for a higher proportion of occasions than the proportion of society they represent overall)
- A study of market value and volumes from 2010–2020, supplemented with category, brand, and packaging analysis that shows the current state of the market, and how it will develop over the next five years
- The degree of influence that  20 key consumer trends have on Confectionery consumption, with granular analysis on the extent that the degree of influence varies by gender, age, wealth, and leisure
- Analysis of how consumer needs will evolve in the short-to-medium term and recommended actions on how to adapt to these evolving needs
- International and Russia-specific product innovation examples targeting key consumer needs – compare your products against the top performers

Reasons to Buy
- Find out what types of products consumers are purchasing, why they are consuming them, and what they will be looking for in the next few years. Product examples and key recommendations will help you derive key strategies in areas such as formulation, packaging, and key consumer targets
- Our unique consumer data has been developed from extensive consumption surveys and consumer group tracking, giving you an exclusive insight into Russia’s Confectionery market
- Quantify the influence of 20 consumption motivations in the Confectionery sector for a deeper understanding of what is driving the market and how to alter product offerings accordingly
- Analyze category, brand, and packaging dynamics, and how to compete with market leaders to provide a competitive edge to product launches

Table of Contents
- Report Scope

Country Context
- Macroeconomic indicators – GDP Per Capita, Population, Consumer Price Index and Age Profile
- Retail and foodservice figures – Key Takeaways

Market Overview, Consumer Demographics and Pricing Analysis
- Value and volume analysis for the Russian Confectionery market
- Impact of exchange rate fluctuations on Confectionery market
- Volume analysis by category
- Market value and growth rates, by category
- Historic and forecast value analysis by category
- Winners and losers by categories with change in market share
- Segment share in a category (value terms) and change in market share
- Volume consumption analysis by gender, age, education and urbanization – at category level
- Inter-country comparison of average price per kg by category
- Top variants and pack size distribution analysis
- Retailer price dynamics

Retail Landscape and Key Distribution Channels
- Leading retailers in the Russian Food market
- Leading distribution channels (value terms) in the Russian Confectionery market
- Leading distribution channels (value terms) by category

Competitive Landscape
- Market share of leading brands (in value and volume terms) by category and segment
- Penetration of private label by category in the Russian Confectionery market
- Private label growth (in value terms) compared to brands

Health and Wellness analysis
- Value of Health & Wellness claims by category
- Key Health & Wellness product attributes driving sales
- Key Health & Wellness consumer benefits driving sales
- Key Health & Wellness companies and market share

- Confectionery market by type of packaging material/container (in volume terms)
- Confectionery market by type of packaging closure/outer (in volume terms)
- Confectionery market by type of packaging, forecast(in volume terms)

Demographic Cohort Consumption Patterns
- Overall consumption occasions by age and gender in the Russian Confectionery market
- Private Label consumption occasions by age and gender in the Russian Confectionery market
- Under/Over-consumption levels in the Russian Confectionery market by gender and age
- Consumption frequency by type of consumer in the Russian Confectionery market by gender and age
- Private label consumption by age and gender and comparison to overall consumption levels in in the Russian Confectionery market

Consumer trend analysis
- Canadian's consumer trend framework and explanation of the sub-trends
- For key trends in the Russian Confectionery market:
- How the trend is influencing consumption in the Russian Confectionery market
- How to target the trend in the Russian Confectionery market
- How the trend will evolve in the Russian Confectionery market
- Key target demographic and the rate at which the trend will evolve
- What are the key drivers that will influence growth of Confectionery market in the future

Examples of New Product Development
- New products launched in the Russian Confectionery market
- New products launched in global Confectionery market

Actions and Recommendations
- How to successfully target key trends in the Russian Confectionery market

- Country context
- Category value and volume data
- Consumer Demographics data
- Pricing data
- Sector Overview
- Health & Wellness data
- Segment data
- Packaging data
- Category definitions
- Segment definitions
- Health & Wellness definitions
- Channel definitions
- Explanation of sub-trends
- Market Data Methodology
- Consumer Data Methodology

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