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Air Traveler Market Segmentation and Major Players Analysis 2022

The European Air Traveler and Duty Free Spending Trends 2016–2017 report examines travelers’ opinion about the purpose of air travel, the current trends in spending patterns in duty free retail stores, and their retrospective effect on the marketing activities and business expansion plans adopted by retailers. Furthermore, it analyzes preferred travel destinations, shopping frequency, purchasing patterns, and average expenditure. In addition, the report examines time spent, brand preferences, and key factors that motivate travelers to purchase at airport retail stores. Additionally, it provides information categorized by gender, age, and annual income.

Key Findings
- The highest percentage of European travelers within the age group 18–24 years travel through air for leisure purposes
- The majority of European travelers purchased food and beverages from airport retail stores for consumption at the airport, followed by alcoholic beverages
- Hugo Boss and Chanel will be the most preferred clothing and footwear brands to be purchased from airport retail stores during 2017
- The majority of European male travelers are on business trips, while female travelers are more likely to be on leisure trips
- European travelers highlight luxury brands at discounted prices and competitive prices as key motivating factors to purchase at airport retail stores

- Travelers’ average shopping frequency at airport retail outlets: analyzes the average number of times a European passenger shops at an airport retail outlet
- Travelers’ average time spent at airport retail outlets: evaluates time spent per visit by a passenger to an airport retail outlet
- Products purchased from airport retail stores: determines what type of products passengers mostly shop for from airport retail stores
- Travelers’ expenditure on product categories: evaluates passenger expenditure on specific product categories per visit
- Popular brands preferred at airport retail stores: identifies the popular brands that travelers purchased and expect to purchase at duty-free, duty paid, and online airport retail stores
- Travelers’ key drivers of demand growth in airport retail: identifies key factors that are compelling travelers to purchase at airport retail stores
- Travelers’ preferred destinations to travel by air: highlights passengers’ favorite destinations, which they intend to travel by air over the next year
- Popular products preferred at duty-free airport retail stores: identifies the catalog of products that travelers mostly intend to purchase at duty-free retail outlets

Reasons to Buy
- The report analyzes the shopping patterns of European travelers at airport retail stores and helps retail operators to realign their business strategy
- Identifies the top selling retail products to enable airport retail outlets to allocate their marketing activities and budgets effectively
- Assists in the development or adjustment of business expansion plans by providing information about the popular brands selected by European travelers across various product categories
- Guides airport retailers to understand the key factors that motivate European travelers to purchase at airport retail stores
- Provides information about duty-free product purchasing trends, which will allow airport retail operators to boost revenues by focusing on select products             

Table of Contents
- Introduction
- Highlights
- Key findings
- Purpose of travel by air - business or leisure
- Profile of travelers – international travel
- Travelers’ average time spent at airport retail outlets
- Travelers’ product shopping trends and expenditure pattern on product categories
- Travelers’ product shopping trends at airport retail stores
- Travelers’ expenditure on product categories at airport retail stores
- Profile of travelers who shop for clothing and footwear from airport retail stores
- Profile of travelers who shop for accessories and luggage from airport retail stores
- Popular products likely to be purchased by European travelers at duty-free airport stores over the next year
- Travelers’ key factors for demand growth in airport retail
- Definitions
- Methodology and sample size
- Profile of travelers – overall

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